Advocacy program purpose is to enhance the competence of FGCK to advocate on behalf of the vulnerable members of society. Trainings have been conducted on areas such as what is advocacy, HIV and AIDS Competency Church, Gender, female genital mutilation, disability and gender based violence. The trainings has been held in different parts of the countryIn the African society, one of the greatest violations of human rights happen within gender issues. The ones who suffer the most are girls, widows, and women in general. Gender issues are at the forefront of the advocacy program.

On the one hand, men need to relinquish their attitudes, behavior, etc. and the other hand women need to be empowered to claim their universal human rights. To change harmful cultural practices is not the task of the outsider. No change can take place unless it begins from the inside, by the people who are in question. One of the actors that is within the community and a cultural “insider” is the church.

In advocacy we have been engaging the participants in open discussion on retrogressive and progressive culture. The participants decide by themselves what is right and what is wrong and together come up with the way forward. 

Advocacy lies at the heart of what the churches should be doing. The churches have a set of values that they stand by and these are exactly what is needed (“Treat others as you would like to be treated”; “Do to others what you would have them do to you”; “Love your neighbor as yourself”; “All people are equally created in the image of God”; “What would you like me to do for you”; etc.). This should be the driving force – that already have an existing set of moral standards that could be “exploited” to motivate to action. The foundation already exists; now it is only a matter of building wisely on top of it. 


Love, hope and compassion to the needy is what we as a project are offering to enable children with disabilities live a near normal life. Click to download the Kakamega child sponsorship program