Capacity Building

The Full Gospel Churches of Kenya worker including leaders, church and project staff require training in leadership, management, policy formulation and project development and implementation skills.  These are essential skills for proper management and utilization of resources God has entrusted to us. Training and equipping of workers for increased knowledge and skill for efficiency and effectiveness is a major challenge in the midst of poverty, scarcity and sometimes ignorance.

Capacity building is done with like other components require networking, cooperation and collaboration with other likeminded partners both local and international. Fida International in specific and others have been close partners.



Every child needs love, care and protection, Psychosocial support is about healing wounded souls

The well-being of children in Africa is threatened in many ways. The triple Crises of HIV, poverty and conflict has affected millions of children and families. It has caused a negative impact on them. The emotional, social and spiritual bur-den is heavy to carry. It is associated with death, separation and loss of parents and caregivers. These situations disturb children's development. The security and trust in humankind is threatened. A sense of hope for the future is undermined. This puts a great strain on the care and support capacity of individuals, family and community capacity of individuals, family and community.