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The National Development Project s Department

The National Development Project s Department ( NDP)  of the Full Gospel Churches of Kenya   was established and mandated to achieve by the church in accordance with the provisions of the church Constitution 1998 edition Clauses 4 , 5 and 6. Under these clauses, the church is committed to establishing schools, hospitals, colleges and other welfare institutions and charity work. Readmore


The main function is education and training. In this field, the department embarks on encouraging and advising local church assemblies on establishing and management of education institutions and centers and forums where the youth could get formal and non-formal vocational education and training in life skills. Readmore


The objective is to offer both curative and preventive health care and service to the local communities. We have several health centres and dispensaries in the country particularly among the marginalized and vulnerable communities. In the recent ethnic violence a number have been closed because of insecurity and others plundered during the chaos. Readmore

Children Sponsorship

The church in its quest to be relevant, just, caring and responsive to the needs of the people and more so children, is currently implementing various programs across the country. Currently there are five programs with aspect of child sponsorship. Readmore

Humanitarian Assistance

This is in an effort for management of disaster effects from of natural causes ie rain failure, floods, landslides and also sometimes man made situations such tribal and land clashes and cattle rustling. More than 50% of Kenya is classified as Arid and Semi Arid (ASAL) lands. The rain failure and prolonged recurrent droughts in these parts of the country call for relief food and water supplies. Readmore

Capacity Building

The Full Gospel Churches of Kenya worker including leaders, church and project staff require training in leadership, management, policy formulation and project development and implementation skills.  These are essential skills for proper management and utilization of resources God has entrusted to us. Training and equipping of workers for increased knowledge and skill for efficiency and effectiveness is a major challenge in the midst of poverty, scarcity and sometimes ignorance. Readmore