Humanitarian Aid

This is in an effort for management of disaster effects from of natural causes ie rain failure, floods, landslides and also sometimes man made situations such tribal and land clashes and cattle rustling. More than 50% of Kenya is classified as Arid and Semi Arid (ASAL) lands. The rain failure and prolonged recurrent droughts in these parts of the country call for relief food and water supplies.

There is a recurrent drought and cattle rustling. The pastoral economies come under threat on such occasions. Loss of Livestock and sometimes human lives are frequent consequences. Apart from relief food, clothes, there is need for medical service for the wounded and sick the displaced people need building and farming materials and implements. The most affected region is the North Eastern province, Northern districts of Eastern and Rift Valley provinces of Kenya.      

An increasing tendency of tribal, land and political election based conflicts is becoming a ground for IDPs that need humanitarian assistances. This has been the case in Rift Valley, Western and Coastal provinces. In all these places in recent past there has been armed and violent conflicts leading to loss of life and property through burning of houses and displacement of residents.